1001 Antique Bottle Searches for ebay

Here is our list of ebay searches divided into themed groups. Some searches fit more than one group so there is some
duplication. We have not hit 1001 searches yet, but are continuing to add to the list in an attempt to reach that number.

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bitters hair, skin care poison other antique bottles
flasks inks soda reproductions
fruit jars medicine,cures utility & black glass mineral water
whiskey, gin, schnapps pickles, sauces, other food Asian Antiques > Snuff Bottles Distillery > Bottles, Decanters, Jugs

Historical Flasks

summer winter American System calabash Ravenna
washington taylor Rough and Ready cornucopia New London
masonic Louisville liberty cap Clasped Hands
sunburst Gardner Jared Spencer Good Game
corn for the world Blaske Columbia Eagle Hard Cider
baltimore flora temple Franklin Westford
scroll pike's peak


eagle Keene Jenny Lind
Success to the Railroad double eagle Pittsburgh Jackson
  Stoddard Washington

Whiskey, Gin, Schnapps

Western EG Booz Bininger Casper whiskey
applied handle California Dyottville slug plate whiskey
Spruance Stanley Star Whiskey Wharton's Chestnut Grove Udolpho Wolfe

Medicine (specific botttles)

Owl Drug Carter's Spanish Mixture Swaim's Panacea Radam's Microbe Cure
Sanford's Radical Cure Merchant Lockport Barry's Tricopherous Dr. Townsend
Turlington's Balsam Wishart Warner's Warner's Safe Cure

Medicine (categories or keywords)

Patent Medicine Sarsaparilla Panacea Indian
Tonic Elixer or Elixir
Remedy Cure
Liniment Balsam Balm  

Antique Bottles that contained Illegal Drugs / Narcotics

marijuana cannabis heroin cocaine or cocoaine
laudanum ipecac morphine opium or opii

Mineral Water

Saratoga Lockport Congress & Empire Lithia
Oak Orchard Acid Springs Vermont Adirondack Spring Alburgh Spring Vermont
Artesian Spring Buffalo Lithia Water Avon Springs Bay City Soda Water
Luke Beard Blue Lick Water Kentucky Champlain Springs Clarke & White
Crystal Palace Soda Water Geo. Eagle Sharon Springs Missiquoi Springs
Hathorn Spring Saratoga Highrock Congress Spring Hopkins Chalybeate Lynch & Clarke
Middletown Healing Springs Saxe Vermont Spring Star Spring Saratoga Saratoga Spring
Saratoga Vichy Water Guilford Mineral Spring Water Tweedle's Celebrated Soda Mineral Waters Pavilion & United States Spring Water Saratoga

utility & black glass

Wistar freeblown stoddard keene
three mold 3-mold chestnut demijohn


Drake's Plantation Hostetter's Stomach Greeley's Bourbon Kelly's Old Cabin
National Fisch HP Herb Wild Cherry Atwood's Jaundice
William Allen's Congress Bitters Baker's Orange Grove Bitters Big Bill's Best Bitters Bourbon Whiskey barrel
Indian queen Brown's Celebrated Indian Herb Fish bitters Hall's Bitters
Holtzermann's Patent Stomach Morning Star Old Homestead Wild Cherry OK Plantation
Old Sachem Bitters Pineapple Reed's Roback's Stomach
Sazerac Aromatic Simon's Centennial Solomon's Strengthening Suffolk Pig
Wahoo and Calisaya Warner's Wheeler's Berlin Dr. Wood's Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry


umbrella cone Farley Butler
inkwell master ink Harrison's Columbian Sanford's
David's Stafford's Carter's labeled ink

Fruit Jars

-- Cohansey Potter & Bodine Safety
Van Vliet Millville Atmospheric Sun Mason's Patent



Tebbet's Physiological Hair Regenerator

Ayer's Allen's Hall's




cobalt blue amber label
Not to Be Taken Poison -- --

Pickles, Sauces, and Other Food Bottle

cathedral pickle peppersauce pickle Willington pickle

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applied seal pontil open pontil iron pontil
mint applied lip rare perfect
best example crude whittled Gardner collection
McKearin collection unlisted rare color rare variant

Unusual colors

cobalt blue prussian blue yellow pink
puce sapphire blue purple  

Misc Search Terms

glassworks glass works glass factory hand blown